Strong Bad meets disc world

Strong Bad meets disc world

According to an article on USA Today, the episodic series Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People will be making it to store shelves on a disc next month.

The WiiWare series by Telltale Games ran for five episodes in total and ended in December. Depending on price, would you be interested in buying it at retail?

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monkeylemur said:

Huh. This makes perfect sense. 5 episodes = $50, a normal game = $50.

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Nova said:

Nice, now I can rent it.

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Mike said:

I'll get it. Just because I didn't get episodes 3-5 (couldn't be bothered to renovate more things onto SD card, and don't want to download too much).


AlbinoJedi said:

I'll probably get this because a disc game normally takes up a lot less space than a wiiware game.


theallmightyq said:

Yup, I would grab this, despite the fact that I own all the episodes already on my PC. I think the whole thing seems like it would play really well on the Wii.


Dark Star said:

Wow I was at least one Ricewind comment.

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