Desperate Struggle video from Suda51

Desperate Struggle video from Suda51

Suda51 presents this fun video about his latest game, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. He describes a heap of new features, including dual-wielding Katanas, improved enemy AI and 2D job missions, all while sitting on the toilet.

Desperate Struggle, one to look out for.

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YoshLee said:

This shows just how nuts the creators of NMH are. Not that that's a bad thing, I love brilliant, insane, screwed up games. The sort of games that once crowded the gaming catalog in the gold retro age of gaming and NMH is one of the few remaining spiritual ancestors of those games. Not to mention they realized how to make action games function perfectly on the Wii. Seriously game designers could learn a thing from Suda 51. Yea the Wii has motion controls and you're going to want to make use of them but there are buttons on the controller for a reason too make use of those as well. Anyways I'm looking forward to this game. There may be only four different katanas like the first one but like the previous installment's katanas these ones seem to alter his style a lot as well. Also doing jobs pixelized? That sounds way more fun than doing the jobs in the first one.


Perfect Gun said:

Wow nice video, it seems like it will be a great game.


wiiboy101 said:

The toilet gag and his obsession with machine guns is getting old, and it's so obvious that he will do a pants down and squat for game saves on natal, Microsoft already have him payed up? $$$$ for support cough. It's obvious x360 will get standard controls with added gesturing like giving the finger or toilet sitting for saves, I.E Microsoft will replace core gaming motion with cheap gimmicks. Natal and PS3 Motion are going to make a mockery of 3d motion in core gaming, I think that's the plan. Try to make motion look secondary as their version is too weak for core gaming.

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