Sudoku coming to WiiWare

Sudoku coming to WiiWare

Digital Leisure, the company that just released The Incredible Maze, have another WiiWare title in the pipeline: Sudoku Challenge.

    Sudoku Challenge Features
  • Three separate difficulty settings.
  • Original and Grand Sudoku modes of play.
  • Over 100,000,000 puzzles.

You can pick up Sudoku Challenge in November for 500 Points. Screenshots are already up. To me, the DS seems like a more natural platform for Sudoku antics.

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YoshLee said:

*sigh* I'm not too good at sudoku so I probably will not get it.


Nintendoof said:

Wow! 100,000,000 puzzles? That's like.. more than 99,999,999.


Master Foot said:

This is definitely geared towards Sudoku fans. Isn't the fact that you can take a Sudoku book anywhere the whole point of the game? Is that a typo; 1 BILLION puzzles!?

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