Super Meat Boy promo

Super Meat Boy promo

Team Meat has put out a promotional video for Super Meat Boy on WiiWare.

Designed by Edmund McMillen, this here SMB promises to be one of the most hardcore platformers ever to grace planet earth.

Food for thought?

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bowserkid24 said:

BARF! What the heck! That guy has weird teeth.


Thug L1f3 said:

What? Is all I have to say.


asparaWIIgus said:

What was that?


wiiman said:

Okay, that is weird.


Step said:

You guys obviously haven't played the Flash version. Fun, if disgusting.


WiiNinja said:

Yuck. I was hoping for gameplay footage.


Smash Champion said:

SMB. Best acronym ever.


Jin88 said:

I'm sure this is said a lot, but what the heck. What?

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