Surf's Up Wii lovers!

Surf's Up Wii lovers!

Sony (booo!) Pictures (...yay?) have been hard at work on a new CGI movie called Surf's Up. It comes out on June 8th and features surfing penguins.

What's this got to do with anything? Well there's a game too. There's always a game. It's being handled by Wii fanatics Ubisoft. Nothing else about it is known at this stage.

Haven't we seen enough penguins lately?

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cmk said:

Aint no such thing as too much penguin.


Unknown said:

I guess sony is good at movies I guess. And what is up with the penguins.


quartzlcc said:

OH lord. Whenever an animated movie comes out, some other idiot has to make a half-arsed attempt at completely ripping it off and failing miserably. Just look at Dreamworks and Pixar. Except, when Pixar is the one ripping off (which happens less of the time), it's better than Dreamworks'. *tips hat* good day.


wiiman said:

I saw the trailer for the movie and it pretty much sucked. The animated movies lately have been corny 5 year old movies and how would surfing incorparate the wii-mote? Ubisoft try to prove me wrong.


Mailkd7 said:

Yeah, I mean, people we know they are in danger for pete's sake!


Ekaj185 said:

Yeah, penguins are kind of getting annoying.


Gonzo said:

I wonder how interesting this will be.


[RS]Omega Red said:

Hey, be nice to the Penguins. I love em. And My birthday is on June 8th, What a gift.


Jason Pilcher said:

I'm sick of penguins.


Master Foot said:

Is it me, or is the fact that penguins in the Caribbean just don't make sense? Let's just hope that the Wii game makes the movie tolerable.


DragonFoxCoon said:

There's almost no such thing as a tolerable movie game. Almost. Goldeneye was a winner. Anyway, they're just milking penguins for all "Happy Feet"'s worth. Soon enough, everyone will have forgotten all about those dancing penguins.


Crimson Hawk said:

Not another movie with more penquins!


TruBlu said:

I love penguins.

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