Take-Two considering Wii

Take-Two considering Wii

Since Wii's strong showing at E3 Take-Two interactive have been seriously considering releasing titles for the revolutionary console. One of the companies under Take-Two's wing is Rockstar, famous for the Grand Theft Auto series. Another is 2K Games, known for the Civilization games and Serious Sam 2.

CEO Paul Eibeler said the Wii system gave new opportunities for their growing collection of sports titles, baseball in particular. Currently these titles would be projects to take place in late 2007 or 2008. That's some time away, but still encouraging news from a publisher who has largely stayed away from Nintendo in the past.

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splintercell4ever said:

GTA on the Wii. Hell yes.


ganondorfrules said:

Finally another game to add to my list of worthy fun Nintendo Wii games.


Gam3r_with_revenge said:

GTA on Wii sounds pretty cool. Will be looking forward to seeing more on this.


Splintercell4ever said:

How has this not got approximately 1,200 posts? How could you not want GTA on Wii.


Master Foot said:

GTA on Wii! It would probably be better than any other GTA to date. This is what Wii needs to stick it to the haters. Mayhem will never be the same! GTA: Mushroom Kingdom anyone? Ok, that's overdoing it.


Gonzo said:

Thank you, Take-Two Interactive. Imagine. GTA on Wii. The shooting, the swimming, the fighting.

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