Tatsunoko vs Capcom coming to US

Tatsunoko vs Capcom coming to US

In spite of some significant licensing issues, it seems that Capcom will be bringing "Tatsunoko vs Capcom" over to the US after all, as reported by the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

According to NP's article, the game will be undergoing a slight name change to Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (..really?). There's also talk that more characters and online play could potentially be added.

TvC will hit store shelves in North America before the end of the year. There's currently no details of a European release, but that could happen.

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Captain Jamesman said:

Hmph, didn't expect this. Oh well, at least we'll get to play as our favorite Capcom characters again.


Brawler 200 said:

This news is music to my ears.


Jettwinlock said:

Holy crap, now if they can just bring over fatal frame 4.


YoshLee said:

Online play, please have online play. I want to give a Hadoken to all of my net friends *Crosses Fingers*.


Grey said:

Wow, realy wasn't expecting this. Damn, my hat goes off to the people who pulled this off.


Son Ninja said:

Let's have online play on this baby and it'll be a sure win.


LiL said:

Ok time to go buy a Wii now.

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