Tetris Party details

Tetris Party details

Some new info and media about the upcoming Tetris game on WiiWare is now available. Developed by Hudson, it's called Tetris Party.

A whopping eighteen modes of play will be featured, ten of which have never seen the light of day before. Multiplayer fans are covered too, in both online and offline flavors.

Support for Miis is included, and comically you can control the game using the Wii Balance Board if you choose to.

Tetris Party is coming out this Fall. Check out the game's page for screenshots.

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Nintendoof said:

It's an iffy game.


the conduit said:

Oh my god FINALLY a new tetris game.


WiiNinja said:

I like tetris, so I might get this one.


nitte said:

Looks good- I'm on!


gatorade said:

How can you think this is iffy? As long as classic tetris is on there it will be good. Online play will be great plus there are 18 modes of play. Sounds like a great game for any tetris fan.


Master Foot said:

The word "Party" means minigame collection.

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Nova said:

On the other hand tetris is kind of fun (love the original music) but may as well play free tetris online.

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