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Back when the Nintendo Wii was revealed at E3 Expo in 2005, while a lot of people were still laughing at Big N's choice of name for their console, others saw huge potential for FPS style games using the Wii's remote. Fast forward nearly four years, to our dismay this potential still hasn't been properly tapped. Despite one or two solid efforts, FPS just isn't a staple genre on Wii. In steps The Conduit, a great looking sci-fi shooter from High Voltage Software and Sega.

Dubbed a "Killer App for Wii", The Conduit boasts some of the best visuals you'll see. This is a title built from the ground up exclusively for Wii, pushing the hardware much more than most other games are able to with their generic engines. The Wiimote controls are robust and customizable so you can tune them exactly to your preferences, even during gameplay.

The ConduitThe story takes place after a full-on alien invasion in Washington DC, where the US government is suspected to have some involvement. Using hi-tech weapons and gadgets, players enter the fray as an ex-secret-services agent, codenamed Mr Ford to find the truth.

The ConduitAs he makes progress through the narrative, Mr Ford encounters other secret agents, conspiracy theories and a bewildering array of alien lifeforms to fight.

In addition to the engaging story, a number of multiplayer modes allow up to 12 gamers to shoot it out online. This includes use of the WiiSpeak peripheral which makes voice chat possible.

Development has been ongoing for almost two years. Aimed at core gamers who have been waiting for a serious FPS experience on Wii, The Conduit presents itself to be the complete package.

The Conduit

The Conduit will be released at the end of June, 2009. Preorders are now open.

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YoshLee said:

And I've already pre-ordered it at game crazy. I can't wait for this to come out.


Aminihcam said:

Looks fun but I would rather wait to see what everybody else says about it first.

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Nova said:

Probably getting it tomorrow.


wiiz said:

I can't wait until I get my hands on this game. It looks great.


BrothaZ said:

Oooooh, somebody's excited.


StarTurtle said:

I wonder if it would be a good idea to get Wii speak just for this game. Not many other games use it. Maybe this game would make it worth it?


Son Ninja said:

Awesome, now I'll just have to go buy a copy of this for the online shooting fest that I've being waiting for.


LegatoSkyheart said:

I pre-ordered mine. I'm guaranteed a copy tomorrow! YAY.


Mischief Shadow said:

I hope the online is better than Brawl but right now the entire game looks like a must buy.


wiifan said:

In my hands and ready for play tonight. Excited about online play.


xAUDIOx said:

When you die it's so dramatic. It gets REALLY annoying. I don't have the game. But I watched a few vids on youtube on it. And it's already on my nerves.


Wiifan said:

This game is just awesome. Absolutely AWESOME.


GQ said:

Welcome to the conduit family wiifan.

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