Sakurai's last SSBB Dojo post

Sakurai's last SSBB Dojo post

Sakurai of the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Dojo has made what may be his last post:

"This Smash blog has spanned about 300 posts in almost 11 months, but now it is time to say goodbye".

"Before creating this site, I knew I wanted it to be updated 5 days a week and support several languages. It was clear that this would be a massive scale for a website dedicated to a single game".

"A lot of people around me were particularly concerned when I told them I planned to write blog posts while development was ongoing and continue to provide updates. Some argued, some just looked concerned, and others asked, "Can you really do this?!"".

"And all of the text in the articles was written by yours truly, Masahiro Sakurai. Make no mistake. But the real credit for making the unthinkable possible should go to the Brawl staff who took screenshots and did follow-up work, and the Nintendo home-page staff who did the updates".

"I also must thank the localization staff of Nintendo of America, who did the translation from Japanese to English, as well as the language specialists on the European production staff who handled the translation to several more languages".

"I feel gratitude for those who helped that I can barely express in words. This site has been supported by so many staff members".

"I created the Dojo with the intention of offering breaking news-type updates prior to the release of the game, and organizing the site so that it could be used as a database of features in the game after its release".

"Now that Brawl is available, I am hoping that players will continue to use the site as a resource for information".

"Also, there's always a chance that I will need to update sometime in the future with some kind of announcement".

"Thank you, everyone!".

"Masahiro Sakurai, Sora Ltd".

  • Updates: May 22nd, 2007 - April 14th, 2008
  • Number of posts: Around 300
  • Languages available
    • Japanese
    • US English
    • UK English
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian
  • Highest traffic: 7,150,000 users in a week (worldwide)

So that about raps it up.

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User comments


BestAtBrawl said:

It's too bad. I wonder if they will add more photo updates to the site? It's a possibility.


Wii Rox said:

There was a tear in my eye when I read this :'(.


BrAwL said:

You should give a link to the trivia he also posted.


Step said:

Bravo! Many props to Sakurai-san for such a well-done job. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dojo, and hope Nintendo finds it valuable to do the same type of thing in the future.


Zendalf said:



Wiipaw said:

Dojo.. I.. *wipes tear* goodbye.


Wiipaw said:

Y'know, if he might post something new, do you think it could be DLC?


Nintendo4ever said:

I REALLY hope brawl will come out in Europe as soon as possible.


Aeth said:

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Maybe if these Wiiware rumors about Brawl downloads are true they'll update Dojo to inform us about these new features.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

WHY. I go to that site, this site and gamefaqs every morning just so it will help me wake up. What will I do now? P.S holy crap - 7 million in one week.


SSB4LIFE said:

It was fun while it lasted. THANK YOU MASAHIRO SAKURAI.


WiiNinja said:

I've been there the whole way; waking up to new and exciting posts, bragging to my friends why the Wii is so awesome, hanging out online chatting about Brawl, those are all hard things to let go. Thankfully, Brawl is out, and after I write this post, I'll be playing it some more. But, overall, I won't ever forget the excitement I had when the posting started. Thanks a million, Masahiro Sakurai.


YoshLee said:

Sniff it's so sad I want to cry. Oh well I'm literally PRAYING that they have a future update about a 4th installment.


Chaos said:

Ah, it's the end of an era in gaming. It'll be hard for me to break the habit of checking the Dojo every weekday.


Lman07 said:

It's kind of sad that they are ending posts. For some reason even I can remember the first time I saw the site and checked it every day, including weekends. In fact looking for brawl was the way I actually came upon wii's world on July 3rd 2007, the same day I found super smash bros dojo.


SkullHydra said:

I went to the "Dojo" daily. It's too bad that it's done. I hope that it still gets updates.

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Nova said:

Hopefully this "future content" involves some sort of downloadably stuff. Although that is highly unlikely.


Nintendoof said:

I'm going to miss getting up early, turning the computer on, and wondering what today's update would be. See ya Sakurai.


Karim said:

Update is going to be super smash ds.


kirbyrulez said:

You forgot the part when he doesn't tell us europeans the release date :D.


Plaugefiend said:

It's kind of sad to see the Dojo rapping things up.


ZOMG said:

Did anyone notice how he said, "Also, there's always a chance that I will need to update sometime in the future with some kind of announcement"? Because that means.. another SSB?


jskrdude said:

I'd like to point out that Nintendo US has EXCELLENT translators.


A Guy said:

Dang, I was hoping he would say something about the next Super Smash Bros. (which they have to make, this cannot be the end). Oh well. Goodbye *sniff* for now, Sakurai.


BrothaZ said:

Well at least it might not be the end. And the fact that we have Brawl now.


k4m1l said:

Well it was good while it lasted.


EDD said:

He forgot to update the sound test.


insultman911 said:

It had to end sometime. I wish they would add more photos just like BestAtBrawl said.


Brawler 200 said:

I'm going to miss those updates.


DKX900 said:

The "announcement" he hints at is probably the EU release date as it is still not official anywhere. I just hope he reveals it soon. My life is worthless now I can't check updates every morning.


pichu fan said:

Those memories were unforgettable. Hope about mewtwo being in the dlc if they add it.


Wrath88 said:

Maybe his next update would have been him saying "he saved a ton of money by switching to geico".


Wiipaw said:

I feel so bad for people in europe.


Wiipaw said:

Dojo was my one mirror into a fantastic other dimension, and now that the updates have stopped, it has broken. Yeah, I know I'm terrible at metaphors XD.

Avatar 0

Lay-Z Boy said:

Goodbye, thanks for the info! I will miss your posts.


Jetrt said:

Dear Masahiro Sakurai, if you do make another SSB game try to add the forbidden 7 and other characters people requested the most.

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