Thrustmaster Glow Sabers and gun

Thrustmaster Glow Sabers and gun

After their last Wii abomination, Thrustmaster have bounced back and made some accessories which actually look kinda good.

These are Glow Sabers, clearly modeled after the ones in Star Wars, they come in red and blue. They're lit up by 17 LEDs and use 3 AAA batteries for power. The plastic is curved for safety, so if you want to have someone's eye out you'll really need to put some effort in.

This is the Dual Trigger Gun, so known because it has two triggers. The Nunchuk can also be clipped on when appropriate. Most of the cabling is contained in an storage hatch, it's a slick piece of equipment. Retail price $17.99.

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Nice sabers but ign says the gun sucks so bad and to stay with nyko's gun.


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