Toki Tori 2 level editor

Toki Tori 2 level editor

Let's get creative

Just a small tidbit of info for those of us who are excited for Toki Tori 2. According to Two Tribes' twitter stream earlier today, a level editor is being created specifically for the Wii U. This means if it goes to plan, users could create and share puzzles with each other.

"Today, the 1st draft Wii U specific level editor was implemented. It's a proof of concept, so no promises yet! But it looks promising! You basically see everything you add on the gamepad being added to a paused version of the game on your TV. Switch! And Play! It is still early though, it is based on our internal PC editor but simplified and more limited in scope." - @TwoTribesGames

Here's hoping their plan comes off.

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