Toki Tori flaps into the US

Toki Tori flaps into the US

Two new WiiWare games became available to download in the US this morning, along with a Neo-Geo title.

In celebration, Toki Tori developers TwoTribes have released another commercial promoting the game.

Check back Friday to see what's released in Europe and Australia.

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Monkeylemur said:

Yay! toki tori! That game looked great. Wanted to try it for a long time. What's protothea? I never heard of it before. Is it fun?


Ultigonio said:

Looking at those two Wii Ware games, I can't help but laugh. The number of good Wii Ware games to shoddy Wii Ware games is way better than the number of good disc games to shoddy disc games. Something else I've noticed: the graphics in most Wii Ware games are actually impressive. That settles it: Nintendo is pretty much the only company that can produce worthy disc-based Wii games. If it's not produced by Nintendo and/or you haven't heard anything good of it, it's probably not worth getting UNLESS it's Wii Ware. It's because of shoddy developers that fanboys can poke fun at the Wii's graphics so easily.


Wii Freak said:

This game is so fun.


Nintendoof said:

I'm not too excited about Toki Tori.

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