Lara's Playground

Lara's Playground

Here's a couple of American box arts. Lara Croft's first Wii adventure is Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Secondly there's EA's collection of sports themed mini-games, aimed at the casual market. It's EA Playground.

Gotta love the Dodgeball.

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Scooby Jew said:

Alright! Just what we needed to get rid of Nintendo's "kiddie" image; a playground game made for kids! Eph, man. Why did EA have to go and do that?


i need a wiieww said:

Hey dodgeball would be a really good party game, if you think about it.


SeAmNiNjA said:

You're right, I do love the dodgeball.


Kitchwa said:

Tomb Raider is going to be sweet. Playgrounds only good game would be one they're advertising on the cover.


wii rox said:

Cool title again. How about Dewy's Caliber?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Nintendo's intention was never to completely drop their "kiddie" image, only to widen their audience. Besides, don't you just feel like wiping the grins of those faces by smashing them with a speeding rubber ball?

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