Tomb Raider lever fix

Tomb Raider lever fix

Publishers Eidos have come up with two potential workarounds for the missing lever glitch found in the Wii version of Tomb Raider Underworld.

Solution 1: Revert back to a previous save and play through again.

Solution 2: If you use an SD card you can download a save file from Eidos' website.

  1. Download the save file.
  2. Unzip "20081124 TRU Wii NTSC save.rar".
  3. Place the contents of the zip onto your SD card.
  4. While the Wii is powered off, insert the SD card.
  5. Power on the Wii, without the game disc in.
  6. Choose Wii Options -> Select Save Data -> Select Wii -> Select SD Card.
  7. Select the TR:Underworld file and then the option copy to Wii memory.
  8. After the save is copied, remove the SD card and reboot the Wii console.
  9. Start your game normally and load the save file.

Note that if you use this save file, any treasures you've collected will unfortunately be lost.

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Nova said:

Not getting this game so doesn't matter. This shows how easy it is to fix pc games and how hard it is to fix console games.


Master Foot said:

Isn't this why you have beta testers? To FULLY test the game before release? Sometimes you can't fix all the bugs but come on! At least they fixed it without disc replacement.


david k said:

Eh no it's the Wii that's hard to fix. PS3 and Xbox games all get regular updates, and bugs can be reported and fixed by the developers via an update, but the Wii, NOO! Stupid Nintendo made a console that A) can't handle it and or B) won't allow it.


WIIBOY101 said:

Nova you have no idea how angry your misinformed post makes me. It's attitudes like yours that allows corporations to take the Wii out of us all as consumers. Patching is not the answer. Proper quality control before release is the answer.


Mary said:

This bug fix doesn't work. There is still no lever and no way to open the doors and exit the Thailand level. At the beginning of the level there is only a nob and no activation(-) and no lever/wheel/other lying around to make it work. Eidos is a rip off and this game is crap. Replaying the game from a previous save doesn't work either. Eidos is lying.


Mary said:

Eidos says the bug occurs "somehow when you walk through one of the checkpoints but they don't know where it is" and it is "on very few games". Come on Eidos - we ain't stupid. Computers only do what they're programed to do. Either you've got someone throwing a wrench into your games at your office or you are lying. I was finally able to generate the lever in their bug-fix (and I use that term very lightly) after extracting and reloading it a dozen times. All their "bug-fix" is, is three saved games up to and including the level without the lever. So I still can't play this game straight through. I have to load their saved games and play from there. The missing lever is on the opposite wall to the entrance on the upper left when you walk into the final room after the Thor room with the revolving blue walkway. This lever is not on my game but is on their downloaded game. Unfortunately, since they have given me three saved game levels in their "bug-fix" my game has only one slot left to save in since it acts like it is saving over a past game saved game but when you go to play that saved game it is not there- only the previous save is there. Ironic I think that I would have one of the "7 or so games that have the bug". What a bunch of BS from Eidos. They claim they can't get their copies of the game to generate the error. I have emailed them my saved games with the error in them. Don't buy this game until Eidos fixes their problem. It's a rip-off.


JJ said:

I saved right before you shoot the lizards that come out of the wall and had this glitch happen. I loaded that same save point and then the lever showed up. Too bad the game is full of glitches like all the others and the camera angles suck as well.


Faith said:

This is a bunch of crap. They should be doing something more about this considering the price we pay for the CRAP games they produce. Here I am completely into my game and I cannot move on and haven't even had the game for a week. All games should be replaced with a working version and game stores should NOT be allowed to sell the ones with all of these glitches.

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