Dancing Spin 3

Dancing Spin 3

Some European box covers have surfaced. Here's Top Spin 3, a game we haven't heard too much about yet.

The badass of tennis.

It seems that Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party has undergone a slight name change in Europe. How about this for a bland box art:

Ohz noz, we're fading out again.

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Wiipaw said:

Dancing stage. I'd call it a ddr ripoff, but since konami is making it, it's more of a spinoff. I'm assuming the reason for the name change is because it uses the Wii Balance Board.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

I don't think it uses the balance board wiipaw. That would just flat out suck. Although this game in general isn't the greatest. I bought it and after a month, I never play it.


Master Foot said:

Don't mess with that dude. You'll get a racket in your face to love it.


Nintendoof said:

Finally! TopSpin 3 Wii is out.

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