Toribash WiiWare

Toribash WiiWare

The Nabi Studios blog has revealed they're working on a version of Toribash for WiiWare.

Toribash is a turn-based fighting game where you manipulate the joints and limbs of your 'ragdoll' to inflict damage on an opponent.

The game is already downloadable on PC as Freeware if you want to try it out. The official website is here.

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slaphead said:

Just so you know people are excited about this! Woot tb ftw.


thatguy said:

I cannot wait for this game.


CorkedA said:

Omg I want this so badly.


Lolwut said:

Can't wait to see mai favorite indie game on the big screen.


TehCaek said:

Nabi Studios are releasing the game on July 12th America, and July 9th Europe.

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