Transformers crashing onto Wii

Transformers crashing onto Wii

Long-running robofranchise Transformers has been confirmed for the Wii. The lovable autobots and pesky decepticons have a new live action movie due out later in the year.

The Wii entry is ingeniously titled Transformers: The Game (good thing they added "The Game", or nobody would know what it was!). It's in development by Traveller's Tales (not to be confused with Telltale Games, who are known for telling tall tales) and should see a summer release.

Now watch closely as I transform into a car *che-che-che ko-koko-ko*. Oh god I'm stuck, call an ambulance.

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Wii Freak said:

I hate that show.

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Robert said:

Cool. I'm a big fan of this series and so is my neighbor. Maybe it'll be one of those awesome games everyone wants, but I doubt it. But you can bet I'll be one of the people who buys it. Maybe it'll persuade my neighbor to get a Wii and ditch that PS2. I sent this from my Wii, which will remain WHITE!


Unknown said:

Obviously, based on the new Transformer movie coming out in the summer.


Elementrat said:

Lol @ the pic! My lil bro is a HUGE Transformers fan so I'll probably end up buying this game for one of his birthdays. I hope it turns out well.


Gonzo said:

I'm really not a fan of transformers, but another game for the Wii, the better.


Wiimaster said:

Movie bad. Game good?


Master Foot said:

Old school transformers and Beast Wars were the pinnacle of Transformers.


jimbotron173 said:

Hell yes! Starscream! Megatron! Optimus Prime.


TDS said:

What fun! I wonder if it will be a "Cartoony" transformers game or a "realistic" looking one like the movie. I hope for the "realistic" one. Pop Transformers Quiz- Who said "He wasn't just one of us. He was the best of us"- and when did he say it?


Owlboy said:

I really don't understand how you can actually HATE the transformers. Like I can understand if it just doesn't appeal to you, or you don't care to know what it is. But to take the time and willpower to actually HATE transformers. Just wow.


Ekaj185 said:

Yeah G, for the win!


Crimson Hawk said:


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Eric said:

Uh Crimson, Jimbotron was correct. Starscream is correct.

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