Trauma Center New Blood trailer

Atlus has released a new trailer for Trauma Center: New Blood.

The main characters this time around are:

  • Markus Vaughn
  • Valerie Blaylock
  • Elena Salazar
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User comments


Pikachu said:

This is so good that it could have been the intro to a TV programme.


feb10isfartheraway said:

It looks like the ER opening.


Scooby Jew said:

I'm not sure about this game. Second Opinion was a pretty horrible game, in my first opinion. I can only hope they'll turn it around with this game, but I don't think I'm going to find out for myself unless this game starts getting some really good feedback.

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Nova said:

I have a friend who would like this. But not me, I'm disgusted by blood and other things.


Quartz said:

They'll all never be as awesome as Derek Stiles and Angie from Under the Knife.


Super King said:

I thought the last frontier was space?


Senpai said:

Reminds me of house (M.D).


Rags said:

*Squeals like a fan girl* Yayz! I can't wait!


davidk said:

Crap vid shows us no gameplay, but I'll probably still get it anyway.


Hey said:

I thought I was watching a video game trailer, not watching General Hospital.


Chris Bajor said:

Oh my god I can't wait to slice open some new people and have some fun with the blood and killing my next victims. I mean patients.


Stinky12694 said:

I thought S.O was one helluva finely crafted game.

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