Trauma Center: New Blood

Published by Atlus, Developed by Atlus

Genres: Simulation (2 players)

US release date: Nov 20th, 2007 | EU release date: Nov 7th, 2008

Trauma Center: New Blood

At a remote hospital in Alaska, Dr. Markus Vaughn quietly toils, a surgeon who has forsaken the politics and power struggles of his former ward. He is content to use the power he has discovered within himself, the Healing Touch, to positively affect the lives of those in need. His partner is Valerie Blaylock, a promising young doctor eager to unlock her own dormant abilities.

When the facility unexpectedly closes, they are forced to return to Concordia Medical Institute, where politics are more important than patient's lives, and doctors more concerned with image than their ministration. There they are recruited into the government organization Caduceus, where they will learn of a conspiracy with dire ramifications, and their lives will be changed forever!

Key Features:

  • Two Player Cooperative Play! For the first time in the series, work with a friend to race against the clock and save lives...success will require teamwork and communication - Every second counts!
  • All-New Story, Characters, and Operations! Depend on a brand new medical team for support and advice as you tackle new emergencies.
  • Fully Voiced Dialogue! Characters will come to life as never before as they speak to you during operations and story cutscenes.
  • Full 480p and 16x9 Widescreen Support!
  • Online Score Ranking System!
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User comments


Kareshi is Black said:

This game will be sick.


Steve said:

Sweet a new one. I played the first for Wii, it was good (never played the DS one).


Ferox said:

Always great games, but too short. I hope this one will be longer.


Quartz said:

Heh, cool. The DS version was freakin' awesome.


i love wii said:

The graphics look too realistic, it might gross me out.


Stinky12694 said:

That girl kind of looks like Derek (daughter maybe?).


wiiner said:

I did enjoy the first for the Wii, never played the DS version but I'm really interested in the storyline. I do agree it needs to be longer than the first.


SSBB Obsession said:

I wonder why they called it New Blood? The graphics like other Trauma Center games will be realistic but not too realistic to make you pass out or something like that. It is going to be cool.



Wi-fi I wonder how that will work?


The Yoshi Guy said:

I'm squeamish so I might not get this one. Anyways, better than Second Opinion?


yellow yoshi said:

This game is seriously awesome. The graphics are cool, the music is freaking awesome and the characters are great. I really suggest buying this, it's sweet.


hkf said:

A must buy for the whole family.

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