Travel the World With Hello Kitty for Half Price

Travel the World With Hello Kitty for Half Price

Travel Adventures Now 50% Off In Nintendo's eShop

International travel just got a lot cuter, thanks to the 3DS title Travel Adventures with Hello Kitty, now available for half price in the Nintendo eShop.

From France to Brazil, you can follow the adventures of Hello Kitty and her friends as they explore the world and play games in order to collect items. Nintendo announced the sale as well as a brief summary on their American Twitter account:

The World famous & incredibly popular Hello Kitty is back and starring in an all new, 3-D, interactive adventure. Join Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends as they travel the World playing games and collecting outfits and items from a number of countries.

You can help Hello Kitty in a Paris Fashion Show or paddle down a dangerous river in Kenya. You can also collect mementos of your trips and unlock new outfits for Hello Kitty. Best of all, using the Nintendo 3DS System's camera and the special Hello Kitty AR Card, you can even take Hello Kitty along with you on your own real life trips.

Nintendo USA

Travel Adventures with Hello Kitty, made for Nintendo 3DS as well as 2DS, is now 50% off in the eShop until September 1st, 2014.

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