Treasure your Capcom exclusives

Treasure your Capcom exclusives

Capcom have revealed that they have a Wii-exclusive project under development. The game in question is called Treasure Island Z.

Treasure Island Z is described as an adventure game with puzzle solving elements thrown in. It sounds like it could be something in the vein of Monkey Island. You take control of an up and coming pirate, he's an educated fool with treasure on his mind (filthy pirates, they're all the same).

At the helm (hoho) of the project are Eiichirou Sasaki and Hironobu Takeshita. The game will feature a cartoon style. That's all she wrote.

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Nova said:

That does sound a lot like Monkey island. Even though it's in a cartoon style, I've never really liked those, it sounds fun. Puzzles are some of my biggest arguments when I try and make video games sound educational.


Chaos said:

Sounds weird. But hey, that's the Japanese for ya. That's why their games are so cool.


Scooby Jew said:

Heh, that pirate said "blowholes". Funny guy.


Master Foot said:

Pirates are ruthless, murdering, pillaging scoundrels. Treasure Island Z and Jack Sparrow thankfully broke the stereotype.


Ekaj185 said:

Isn't hoho Santa?


cmk said:

I loved the monkey islands! Let's hope this game can hold a candle.


Gonzo said:

I wonder if that game will be good?


Crimson Hawk said:

He looks like Santa gone wild!


TruBlu said:

More like Santa gone HARDCORE.

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