Ubisoft Wii games

Ubisoft Wii games

More 3rd party love for the Wii. Ubisoft are apparently releasing a good number of titles for the Wii's launch window. Five games in particular have been pointed out, those are: a version of Far Cry, a new Prince of Persia game, GT (likely related to Asphalt: Urban GT), Blazing Angels (an air combat game set in WW2) and finally Monster Trucks.

Excellent news for Wii fans everywhere. Stick with Wii's World for the latest info on these games.

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Epsilon said:

Lots of games from Yoob.. Ubb.. Oobisoft this time.


splintercell4ever said:

No splinter cell announced! (lights match).


Joey said:

This is definitely true because I read the official games for release list, there was Farcry and a number of other Ubisoft titles.


WiiFan15 said:

They forgot Rayman.

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