Umbrella Chronicles teaser video

Umbrella Chronicles teaser video

Capcom have released a teaser video for the Wii exclusive Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. It's a little blocky and doesn't last long, but it's something. Also there's now an official website for the wiimake of Resident Evil 4.

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Rygar said:

I simply can't wait. The entire story of Raccoon City in one game? This is what all RE fans have been dreaming of. Rails or no rails, it's still going to be the RE game to look out for.


Gonzo said:

The game seems interesting. This will be one of the games I will be getting. These are the games that people like.


darkvic said:

The graphics are quite skeptical for this game.

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Ahmed said:

'Umbrella Chronicles' has the next gen graphics, it really look amazing. Hope that RE4-wii edition will get more than the ps2's features. The Wii deserves much more. Thank you Capcom (Arigato-kuzaimass).


Ekaj185 said:

Oh man I can't wait!


BrothaZ said:

I played RE4 for the first time a few weeks ago, and WHAT A GREAT ONE! I loved it. Too bad I only rented it, and my brother took it back. Too intense for him, even though he's 16 and I'm 14!

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