Mr Game & Watch brawl moves

Mr Game & Watch brawl moves

Mr Game & Watch is bringing some retro flavor into the modern era in Super Smash Bros Brawl. He comes from a gentler time (1980) when LCD games were all the rage. What moves has he got up his sleeve? Let's take a look.

Come and get it!

AGH! What are these things?

Flying cars eh. Never had those in my day.

This guy seems angry, birds like fish right?

Unlock Mr Game & Watch:

  • Fight in 250 brawls
  • Clear Target Smash with 30 different characters on any single difficulty level
  • Have Mr. Game & Watch join your party in The Subspace Emissary

Side special move: Judge
G&W pulls out a random number between one and nine, this decides what attack will happen. Nine is the best, opponents will get hit hard, as if it was by the home run bat.

This pipe is highly satisfactory.

Down special move: Oil panic
Mr Game & Watch can catch three projectile attacks in his bucket. When it's full, he can launch an oil splash attack. This could come in useful when in team battles, as you can have your teammate fire right into the bucket.

There's a hole in my bucket.

Dear Mario.

Nothing beats a bucket of plasma in the morning.

Final smash: Octopus
This octopus might not look too intelligent, but he's got some size about him. You have to tap the buttons though, else his tentacles won't move.

Wait.. What.. Did we find Nemo yet?

Hi green dude.

My bad, you guys.

*blip* *blip* *wibble* *beep*

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User comments


Wii Freak said:

Mr Game and Watch is funny.

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Nova said:

To unlock, does that include all target smashes, or just the first one?


eric ♥ wii said:

SSBB IS SO FUN! You guys should have put *spoiler alert* or something because mr game&watch is an unlockable. So just for those few people who care about that stuff.


Wii Rox said:

I was expecting an EU release date today, but they didn't even pay regards to its NA release. Well, *sigh* game&watch will have to do.


wii galaxy said:

The second picture looks like G&W is giving the finger.


yayrob said:

Actually, I have the game, and I already unlocked him (in Subspace Emissary adventure mode). You have to beat a giant, two headed monster called Duon after you land on Battleship Halberd and then you revive him from trophy state.


Ian C said:

G&W is a weird character! But still welcome back! :D.


Waluigi Fan said:

Mr. Game & Watch's Final Smash is pretty good.


Game and Slaughter said:

I play as Mr Game and Watch for my main character on brawl.

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Nova said:

Mr Game and Watch is good with A moves. He also has the best up B because it goes pretty high up, damages those who touch him when going up, you can still attack in air after performing the move, and he gets a parachute when falling afterwards. Has to be the best.


Game And Watch said:

Mr Game and watch IS the best character in brawl. He's my main as well. He is balanced in almost everything.


Game and watch 2 said:

He looks beast while metal! Yeah that's so true he's my main my second is snake or sonic. Then Ness and Lucario. Why does everyone I know like pit he's not that good?


Pit's teammate said:

The best team match ever is Game and Watch with Pit. You can use Pit's arrow to fill Game and Watch's bucket and cause major damage or death. Plus both with their up B moves cause them to be the best.


Destroyer121 said:

Mr game and watch rules this game, my favorite is mr game and watch and metro knight.

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