Wario site spoofs Kickstarter

Wario site spoofs Kickstarter

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Nintendo has launched a new website / marketing campaign to promote Game & Wario on Wii U - it's called Crowdfarter.

Crowdfarter makes fun of websites like Kickstarter which use a crowd funding business model where the public can donate money on things they want made. Instead of real cash, Wario wants your tweets and Facebook shares, offering various downloads as a reward.

The 'stretch goals' can be seen below:

    Crowdfarter goals
  1. A digital badge.
  2. A wallpaper.
  3. A Wario ringtone.
  4. A new trailer.

Wario has optimistically set his sights on 100 katrillion coins, so if you want to help him out head to the Crowdfarter website.

Game & Wario is scheduled for release in North America on June 23rd, 2013. Gamers in European countries will get it five days later.

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