Which Nintendo character are you?

Which Nintendo character are you?

Are you a man or a bob-omb

Over on the official Facebook page, Big N are offering gamers a fun quiz. Take it to find out which character from the Nintendo universe you actually are.

As is typical, the quiz asks you to 'like' the page before you start, but then you can get going.

Take the quiz

As it turns out, this is me:

Based on your choices, you are:


You're a serious genius and often misunderstood. People don't give you the credit you deserve because they simply don't understand the power of your mental capacity. Blah-those people should be turned into blocks anyway.

Sounds about right! Any Kameks in the house?

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danni FL said:

Uhh... I'm Donkey Kong! This quiz fails -_-"

8 years ago

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the_yoshi said:

i got YOSHI!!!!! thank you!!!

8 years ago

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