Wii Chess Wi-Fi compatible

Wii Chess Wi-Fi compatible

Some new details about Wii Chess have become available. First off, it's a fully fledged game (albeit a budget one) published by Nintendo, not a WiiWare title as you might expect.

More interestingly, games can be played over the Internet via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection, as well as standard local multiplayer features.

The initial release for Wii Chess will be in Europe on January 18th, costing 30 Euros. Dates for other regions are not currently known.

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Charlie said:

Great, now all of the geeks like me can play chess online on the Wii, cool.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Yay! I can get my butt handed to me by people I don't know.


Quartz said:

30 euros is pretty cheap. Wi-Fi? Sweet.


Jonny said:

Hey, maybe I'll finally learn how to play chess because of this. I always was interested, but never had the time.

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Nova said:

Thirty euros is about ~45 dollars I think. Not too bad, but a bit stingy for a chess game.


Nintendoof said:

Yeah. Buy a Chess game for the Wii and don't play your already online FREE chess game on your computer. That makes a a whole lot of sense.


mims3000 said:

Nintendo is getting in the online game now. There are like 10 games coming out in Q1 and Q2 alone on Wii that will have online (Wii need the headset Reggie Fils-Aime was talking about last week).


Erica said:

$45 isn't too bad, but a bit stingy for a chess game. Otherwise, online chess? Sweet.

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