Firmware update blocks Freeloader

Firmware update blocks Freeloader

Those wily cats at Nintendo have issued firmware update version 3.3. According to reports, the sad upshot for importers is that the current Freeloader disc no longer works.

If you've imported some games from other countries like me, you might want to hold off on updating your Wii until you're done with them.

A glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess used by the homebrew scene has also been patched up.

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Wii Rox said:

I saw this this morning, not updating until june 27.


Smashbloodfest said:

Is the glitch good or bad?


vivalawii said:

I'm disappointed, I wish Nintendo weren't so uptight about hacking, its not hurting anybody! Even Sony let Linux run on their PS3, this is a step backwards Nintendo.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Crap, I've already downloaded it and I was going to start using the twilight hack.


Sundog said:

What the heck, Nintendo? Why are they such bastards about the Wii and so lax about foreign games on DS?


jeremy said:

My question is why can't I play a VC or WiiWare game stored on my SD? LAME! I had visions of completely filling up all channels/pages! The way it works, with being able to store games on your SD card but not being able to play them from there is totally bogus. Nintendo, stop cheating yourselves out of money. I'm ready to buy the games, make some darn room for them.


Master Foot said:

I really don't get this region locking crap. I know that some games need to be localized and translated, which takes time, but come on. Doesn't it cost more money in R&D to lockout homebrewers than to release games in all regions? I'm not talking about no region encoding, I'm just talking about releasing some in demand JP games out of JP. There's money to be made here people. And YES, I'm going to beat the Final Fantasy International and Kingdom Hearts FM drum again. It must be done.

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