Wii Fit in South Africa

Wii Fit in South Africa

Wii users living in South Africa can now work up a sweat playing Wii Fit, which has now been released. It retails for 999 Rand.

Core Group, Nintendo's distributor in the region, loaned out review copies and balance boards to the attending media. On return, they say five of these will be donated to charity.

How often does Africa get a game before the US? North America continues to wait.

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Quartz said:

Wow, that's pretty cool right there.


Wiipaw said:

What? Nintendo needs to create the complete opposite game for Africa: Wii Fat!


MrBill said:

I suspect the US version will be 're-designed' to handle much higher weights, hence the delay.


Senpai said:

Wiipaw, your comment is so disgusting and humorless! Okay I'm kidding, I laughed for like, 3 minutes.


Folks said:

The new Wii fit is R1000, but I don't think that includes the console.


w said:

It doesn't include the console. You need a console for it to work of course. That's another R2500ish- depends on where/how you buy.

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