All the Wii Fits are in Europe

All the Wii Fits are in Europe

According to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, the scarcity of Wii Fit in the US is a result of Nintendo sending most of their stock to Europe.

His estimates say that only 500,000 copies have been brought to North America so far, while over 2 million have been delivered across the pond.

Reports indicate that greater profits can be made in Europe, largely due to the high price tags and weakening value of the US dollar.

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vivalawii said:

Damn Americans, you constantly get everything in gaming first and then when the wind blows in our favour you whine!


Wii Freak said:

What about Canada?


david k said:

This sounds unreal, may be true, but I work in woolworths and it's been out of stock so long it's dropped off the woolies charts. I mean, around 2 months ago was our last stock of that game, and we've received no shipments or batches of it since.

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Nova said:

They probably didn't expect major success in America.


wiiboy101 said:

They simply can not be all in Europe. UK is also sold out and waiting. The Wii fit has disappeared from the uk top ten and hasn't returned for 2 whole weeks, lego game on Wii is our current no 1 game in the multi platform top ten.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Europeans seem to be getting everything first these days (except Brawl).


joey24 said:

I'm in Europe and we've got your Wii fits! I think Nintendo of Europe (NOE) have a part in this.


i need a wiiew said:

Seeing as we have to pay about the equivalent of seventy dollars for just a new game, and the equivalent of almost four hundred dollars for the Wii itself.


Fishmon said:

Vivalawii, I find it funny that, not only was that the first post, none of us complained. You just couldn't wait to bust out your racist insults, could you? Quite frankly, I'm happy for you. I like to hear when Europe gets something we don't. It makes me feel more equal. It seems that whenever you DO get something, instead of just being happy you got it, you rub it in our face? Actually, I see more Europeans brag about actually getting something than I see Americans bragging about getting something first. If there's something I hate more than stereotypes, it's stereotypes that are completely random and make no sense. I'm not saying you're a bunch of whiners. I'm just curious as to why you keep trying to beat ("flog" in the UK) a dead horse with a weapon that doesn't exist. I'm not grouping all Europeans like that. I hate to see an Americans brag just as much as I hate to see Europeans brag. We're all gaming brethren, all the same, and it pains me to see you suffer. When something finally goes right for you, it gives you no right to brag. Technically, look at what we get and what you get. It's like telling Bill Gates "I found a dollar! How do you like that?". It doesn't make any sense. I'll admit we have some assholes over here, but that doesn't make it okay to stoop to their level. In fact, you're making Europeans look bad. You would make yourselves look better and more mature if you didn't brag. Same goes for us.


Monkeylemur said:

Remember that 300 pound limit? I think more than 2/3rd of the population exceed that obviously they're not going to make a lotta money here.


Ultigonio said:

At first I was all, "Hey, hey! Let's get Wii Fit!". Now, it's just kinda' meh. I call GameStop every now and then to see if they have any in stock.


doglover said:

I have never seen a Wii or Wii Fit in stores, but I got mine as a gift.

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