Scottish fitness trainer uses Wii

Scottish fitness trainer uses Wii

Zander Urquhart, a fitness trainer based in Glasgow, Scotland is running classes using Nintendo's Wii console to help people get in shape.

At first Mr Urquhart aimed the classes at kids, but soon realized the adults were just as keen. It's now so successful he has a four week waiting list. Thanks to Craig McGill for the news tip.

The fitness aspect of Wii is something Nintendo are expected to capitalize on, with a specific game to be released later this year. For the time being it has the working title "Health Pack" and is being overseen by Shigsy.

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Master Foot said:

It's a good thing that Zander Urquhart beat Richard Simmons to this one, or else I would have destroyed my Wii.


cmk said:

Lol master foot, me too.


Wiipaw said:

I thought they are calling it Wii Fitness.


Gonzo said:

What, this trainer uses a Wii for fitness! That's crazy! At least I have a Wii.


Scooby Jew said:

Unfortunately Master Foot, I have to agree. My Wii would be no longer. Richard Simmons is an asshole.


BrothaZ said:

Take that back!


um said:

Well that's more than other consoles can say.


Ekaj185 said:

He looks fat, but I guess he must be kewl.


Elementrat said:

I'm curious to learn more about this Health Pack game. Have any details been announced? Of course I'm not going to buy it but nonetheless, it sounds interesting. If Shigsy is running or at least overseeing development, it's bound to be high quality material.


ganondorfrules said:

So true master foot, damn richard simmons.


Hey said:

Heh, sweatin' to the oldies eh, Master Foot?


Franksy said:

Why do you have to pay because if you've got a Wii then you can do it yourself and since Jan my Wii has lost me 2 stone!

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