Wii's online GH3 in jeopardy

Wii's online GH3 in jeopardy

Some troubling news about Guitar Hero 3. A recent interview with RedOctane co-founder Kai Huang revealed that the Wii version will not be online for its release.

"There won't be online initially for the Wii, but we're working with Nintendo to see how we can get those features in".

My feeling is that it probably won't happen. Looks like Big N are still holding out on third parties when it comes to online features. How much longer before this starts hurting the Wii?

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Viva Las Wii said:

True, I think while it's not hurting console sales, it must be hurting game sales. I'm sure some fps's could really have benefited with some online. Maybe it's something to do with the position for first 3rd person online has been sold, and the contract can't be broken? I think it's meant to be battalion wars?


davie-jones said:

The only reason why people would buy gh3 for the Wii was onine guitar battles and now that the wii's gh3 might not have online game play will really put a damper in the sales.


Master Foot said:

The Wii version has sunk before it can come out the door. I seriously thought that the Wii version would be the definitive standard def version to buy, but it has just made the PS2 version more attractive. Damn Nintendo, you slipped up on this one.


GiantApe said:

Gosh! Nintendo sometimes you tick me off! It all about the online when it comes to video game system.


lman07 said:

That's so frustrating. Not two days ago did I get on there website and the box and the wifi sticker.


Zendalf said:

Big woop! Like the online play would have been any good! Honestly, the online play would probably only be a downer to the game. My opinion.


Wiimaster said:

Nintendo states they want online play but holds out on games from third parties until 2008? Come on Nintendo.


BrothaZ said:

*sighs* dammit.


jskrdude said:

Why is Nintendo doing this to us?


Keranu said:

God damn it, Nintendo.


Quartz said:

Dude, why can't Nintendo just host an online service? So lame.


Super King said:

Maybe it's just because I'm such a Nintendo fan, but I never thought internet should be that big a part of consoles anyway. Internets are for your computer (PC- PERSONAL computer), you play by yourself unless you can connect to others on the internet. However, on consoles there are (usually) 4 controller ports, which means that you should get together your good (real) friends and play together in the same room, share some laughs, etc. I'd much rather do that than get yelled at on Halo 2 by complete strangers.


Aleric735 said:

Not long. I love the Guitar Hero series, but this is going to be a huge blow to my thoughts about getting it now. I mean, it's already $90 to begin with, and now it won't have the same features as the other console versions? What the heck? Come on Nintendo! Your online definitely isn't the easiest thing to get along with already (acquiring friends) and NOW you're going to strip your players of even more bonus features? Even though I love the songs on this installment, I'll probably just wait and see what happens with the online. I will not drop that much money on something I'll still have access to through friends, without having at LEAST the same abilities as their versions.

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Nova said:

Not too long unfortunately, my xbox loving friends are already holding it against me.


divinity boy said:

This was one of the main reasons why GH3 was gonna rock. What's up Nintendo?


Gonzo said:

To me it doesn't really matter because I don't play online. But, I know one thing for the players who do play online, it hurts.


a what said:

That really sucks. I mean the whole fact that you could play against an actual professional musician and kick their ass. That's the whole reason I was going to buy it, it will hurt the Wii.


Koen van Beeck said:

Sure, make the Wii version the least appealing one, why don't you?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Here we go again.


Scooby Jew said:

Whoa now, that hurt pretty deep. I was actually looking forward to this GH. I'm sure my brother will still get it, but that would be so awesome to play against somebody you've never met before and totally stomp them. Oh well, I guess all I can do right now is hate and wait.


Rocker4isu said:

Actually what this means is that Wii will have online play right from the start, but will not have downloadable content such as songs yet. Another article on this website says what I am saying about this.


mytacostand said:

I have to go along with what mostly everyone else is saying; what's going on Nintendo? When I first bought the Wii I was really excited with the motion sensitivity and what not. However, now that I realize how inferior the Wii is to the 360 and PS3, I am getting really annoyed. I am annoyed because our 3rd party games are suffering. Devs don't want to bring games to the Wii because it is so low tech and Nintendo is so strict about their online policy. I am still really looking forward to GH3, and I have the money for it all saved up, but if it doesn't have online for the Wii, then I am giving up on it. Nintendo has to realize that their only customers are 10 year olds, they also have some hardcore gamers that want to rock online. Lighten up Nintendo.


Andrew said:

I'm sure the Wii version of guitar hero 3 will still be awesome. I was never counting on Nintendo's online play. But they better have it for smash bros.

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