Shigsy happy with Wii Music sales

Shigsy happy with Wii Music sales

Shigeru Miyamoto, senior games genius at Nintendo recently sat down for a roundtable discussion. He commented that he was pleased with the sales figures for Wii Music, saying they were "not too bad" (or not-o too bad-o?).

Wii Music made it to #1 on the Japanese games chart in its first week, selling close to 100,000 copies. The game is now out in North America as well. Shigsy feels it will be a slow burner, with good sales levels for the foreseeable future.

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robotninjapirate said:

God, I'm sorry, but I can't stand the Wii music hype. I'm fine with it being something for the casual gamers, but the hype for such a petty game. It's just too much.


IdiotStorm said:

This game has some good features, like over 60 instruments and you can actually LEARN to play drums, IF you can get your hands on a Wii Balance Board, which is still flying off the shelves. This could just be like a slow burning candle like Shigsy said, until The Conduit or some other big game blows it clear off the table.

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Nova said:

Doubt it. So much bad publicity by journalist companies. Interesting though, it got a better score than Konami's Rock Revolution.

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