Wii U web browser info

Wii U web browser info

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Nintendo has put out new details on the web browser that will be built into the Wii U console. It will be running NetFront browser (NX v2.1).

The good news is that browsing will be supported on both the TV and the smaller screen on the Game Pad. Single-touch screen functions will be available, but not multi-touch.

    Wii U Browser specs
  • You won't be able to save or upload videos or pictures.
  • Plug-ins (e.g. Flash) not supported.
  • HTML5 is supported.
  • AAC sound codecs supported, as well as H.264 and MP4 video codecs.

Another cool feature of the browser is multi-tasking. Players will have the ability to pause their game, bring up the browser screen to search for hints (or read Wii's World), then re-enter the game where they left off.

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