Goo for retail in Europe

Goo for retail in Europe

According to 2D Boy's Ron Carmel, Europe won't be seeing a WiiWare version for World of Goo as in the US and Japan, but a fully blown disc on store shelves.

"Our European publisher RTL Playtainment is planning to release both the Wii and PC versions as retail titles. We're going to add some extra content to the European version that won't be available in North America or Japan".

Ehehe "playtainment", terrible. No doubt this will cost the Europeans more money (nothing new there), but the added content might sweeten the deal a little. In terms of pricing, apparently it won't be a budget title, but may not be full price either. This is being left up to RTL.

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Nintendoof said:

That stinks for Europe. Sorry guys.


cartooning said:

We're used to it.


kirbyrulez said:

Too used to it.

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