Worms Space Oddity video

Here's a new video for Worms: A Space Oddity. It shows off how the Wiimote is used for guiding missiles, detonating bombs and digging.

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w*ll said:

Wow, from the description I thought it would be really gimmicky and forced, but that looked alright really. I wonder if the ninja ropes or jet pack will make use of the controller.


Wii Freak said:

Looks fun.


mr guy said:

Why is there no online?


Quartz said:

I always thought a Worms game would make good use of the Wiimote, but when I thought that, I was thinking more a 3D game. Although I am a 2D freak, I did always like the 3D Worms games better. I have absolutely no idea why. Still, it looks like it'll be cool. I'll end up buying it, I'm sure.


Nintendoof said:

That looks so fun! It reminds me of a game called Pocket Tanks.


someone said:

Pocket tanks isn't even in the same league.

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