XSEED looking fragile

XSEED looking fragile

RPG fans who are wanting to see Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon released in the west may now have something to pin their hopes on. Publishers XSEED are looking into localizing the game for English speaking audiences. One of their spokespeople.. spoke..

"Appreciate the heads-up on Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon, it's a title that has been requested many times before so we're investigating it. To everyone that's written in to us, we'll expect everyone to get their preorder in the week that we announce it if we should get lucky enough to work on such a great looking title".

Great looking is right, fingers crossed this can happen.

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Linkman806 said:

XSEED is looking good.


Son Ninja said:

XSEED I salute you, though you didn't have the chance to localize Murumasa: The Demon Blade for NA, even though the game is still coming, you then decided to go above and beyond with this game so English speaking audience could have a chance to experience it. Now let's see if someone can do the same with Fatal Frame IV.


daisuke said:

Ok, that's really cool, but why do they go to that extent? What we really want are these games with English subtitles and never ever do we want them dubbed. At least give us the option.

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