Zack & Wiki online demo

Zack & Wiki online demo

Wow, seems like Capcom are really running with this whole 'online flash demo' thing. There's now a one level demo for Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure!

Obviously you don't have the benefit of Wii's motion sensing here, but it still gives you an idea of how the game plays.

Play demo (click 'Gameplay' tab)

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Wii Freak said:

That game is hard.


Super King said:

Puzzle Solved.


i need a wiieww said:

I did it pretty fast but it was quite clever and has got me more interested into buying this.


Aeth said:

The puzzle is pretty cool, looks like a cool game. Hint: the beam of light is also usable, think back to the cartoons where the kid would fry ants with a magnifying glass, you'll know how to use it.


Tommy The Wii Man said:

I own the game so it was pretty easy.


Dox said:

That's a really cool puzzle.


WiiNinja said:

Wow. Cool game, but I'll wait. Brawl is better.


Randolph the Grey said:

I've heard about this game, and dig the art style. I'm a fool for all things cel shaded. Anyway, I'm still debating on buying this. Brawl and Okami aren't going to be beaten anytime soon though.


John N said:

I think this game is amazing. It's so hard and challenging. It's a MUST have for all Wii owners.


Nintendoof said:

Hard. I'm stupid.

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Jack said:

This is hard? Solved it in the first attempt.

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