Zelda's final smash move

Zelda's final smash move

We've been hearing whispers about this for a while now, but it's confirmed today that Zelda's final smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl is Light Arrow. This can also be used as Sheik, although the attack is then modified slightly.

Zelda uses her bow to fire an intense beam of light. It can pierce through multiple opponents, giving them a bad time.

Time to shine.

One arrow to rule them all.


Yelp. Will I ever fly again?

Get it off, get it off!

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ganondorfrules said:

Wow that's pretty cool.


pichu fan said:

Yeah they told us about it twice in wiisworld and on the sheik update. At least they show us a demonstration.


supersmashboom said:

Some moves seem to rain hell fire and no one can escape them, then there are the ones like these that seem very easy to dodge.


doglover said:

Can it turn like Pit's Light Arrow or does she shoot more than one? Because people could probably dodge it.


Aeth said:

I still think it's lazy that Zelda and Sheik have the same Final Smash, then again that would also mean it was cheap having Pokemon's Trainer Pokemon all combining instead of having separate Final Smashes. Anyway they did add one difference to Zelda's and Sheik's Light Arrow: Zelda's Light Arrow causes Brawlers to fly upwards, while Sheik's causes them to fly in the direction of the arrow. Either way you'll most likely be launched off the screen if you're not able to having something stop your trajectory.


Nintendoof said:

First of all, the princess is in another castle thing is hysterical! Ok and the second thing is.. that arrow is HUGE.


DragonFoxCoon said:

This is the second lamest Final Smash yet.


Rising Pheonix said:

This isn't that great. Kind of mad but then I remembered that Sheik is SO fast that I'll most likely get to the ball faster than anyone else. Just like Meta-Knight. Still, Sonic's final is pretty useful.


YoshLee said:

Hope we get better updates this week. All this showed us was how the final smash works (which we pretty much already knew).


wiistorm13 said:

Way to not die, jump and dodge.


blah said:

Well I do hate to admit it but this final smash is pretty bad. I have been waiting to see zelda's final smash a long time ago, I think the producer of the game could have spent a little more time with it like he has done with other characters. But still I LOVE ZELDA! WOOOOO.


#1 Peach Fan said:

This is an awesome update, she has some freaky eyes.

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Brawler200 said:

I sort of like this final smash.


Melody said:

Wow, it looks cool!


ToTaLgAmEr said:

I like it, but I wish it was different for Sheik. Oh well, can't have everything can it.


DKX900 said:

When I saw that it was called "Light Arrow" I was fantasising about how they might take the four spirits in TP and involve them somehow. *Sigh*, I guess they're just trying to wrap the game up by making everything simple.


Dark Star said:

To the complaints on this final smash, if you read the Dojo's description it says it is almost a 100% chance of a KO. I personally think that makes up for the easy to dodge attack. Also on stages like Eldin Bridge, it will be much harder to dodge.


foonickle said:

Eh, it's not as bad as Peach's final smash.


TruBlu said:

Wow, I really like Zelda's final smash. It's very fancy yet simple.


megamanfan said:

I'm now trying to choose if Zelda's final or Peach's final smash is worse, at least.


David said:

I agree with you Dark Star, it can be difficult to hit. I agree there, but on flat, or small stages it will be difficult to dodge. The key here is to set up the shot. This attack is powerful, an almost 100% chance of a KO makes up for the small range.


Luigikillsmario said:

Whoa! 1 hit KO! I think that it would be pretty easy to dodge. But I think that it would be hard in stages like the metal gear stage.


davyt0247 said:

Don't try to shield this attack, because the arrow will destroy your shield, I know I tried, got blasted.

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