Zelda Wii rumors

Zelda Wii rumors

A whole host of rumors concerning the next Zelda title on Wii have surfaced. These rumors come from a Japanese message board called 2chan, which apparently has a good track record in foreseeing these things.

  • The game will be vary from the dungeon - field - dungeon method we are accustomed to.
  • You will be able to select right or left handed at the start, and Link will use the hand based on your selection.
  • The gameplay and basic mechanics are all complete.
  • They are currently polishing up the story and characters.
  • One of the characters they are working on is an innkeeper in Link's home village who has a son that looks up to Link.
  • The girl in the art is not the Master Sword, and it appears the Master Sword will not be in the game.
  • The girl's name from the painting could possibly be Adelle, Adella, or Aderu.
  • She is not with you throughout the game like Ezlo and Midna.
  • The face in the painting of her is not her real face. It's not fully elaborated on much, but it does say that it was a placeholder concept piece of art.
  • Link's sword is highly unique in this game, and will have several unlockable abilities. Adelle (or whatever her final name becomes) communicates with you through this sword.
  • There will be horseback combat. Epona will avoid obstacles automatically.
  • The models for 3 significant characters in the game have been touched up, but no they are not Zelda or Ganondorf.
  • The idea of this version of Link also being The Hero of Time has been highly considered, and may already be implemented.
  • Time travel plays a role in the game.
  • The game takes place in more than just Hyrule, and may possibly not be Hyrule at all.
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Brawler 200 said:

Let us not forget that these are just rumors. But I totally forgot about this game.


WiiNinja said:

Whether or not these findings are true, it's still fun to guess and wonder about what's in store in the new Zelda (at least until E3). Thanks WW.


YoshLee said:

Interesting rumors, and while they are rumors it's worth noting this site had been correct on instances before. Regardless the thought of being able to be left or right handed sounds awesome! Left handed pride FTW (I'm left handed).


Wii's World said:

I'm a lefty too.

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Nova said:

2chan also happens to be the worlds BIGGEST message board, which can mean both good and bad things for the legitimacy of these rumors.


Darunia said:

Left handed ftw.


wiiboy101 said:

Rumor it will be a video game with 3d graphics and will be played with a Wii remote and nunchuck.


Zumwan said:

Wow. I am already looking forward to this. The idea of time travel really calls my attention, I think it adds another level of depth to the game. Good thing they are changing the stuff that has been in all Zelda games since the first, such as Link being the hero of time and the master sword. Those things were getting a little old.


Zeldafan101 said:

@Zumwam Um those were the things that made Zelda great. Hopefully this won't be TOO different.


sonicguy3 said:

Cool, sounds fun except no hyrule, no guardian, and no master sword whatsoever. Link is awesome and these are just rumors.

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