Ice Hockey | NES

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Sports (1-2 players)

Wii: Dec 11th, 2006 (US) | Dec 29th, 2006 (EU) [500 points]

Wii U: Feb 20th, 2014 (US) | Feb 20th, 2014 (EU)

Ice Hockey

Prepare to face-off for one of the most faithful sports simulations on the NES.

Ice Hockey offers straightforward fun to just jump in and play, either solo or against a friend, yet also requires tactical skills for players who want to fine-tune their team. You can customize each squad member, selecting from three different body types, affecting their offense and defense. Leaner players are faster and better in a face-off, while heavier players have stronger body checks and shooting skills.

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User comments


wiiboy said:

Best nes game EVER! In fact best hockey game ever. Fast, fun and easy to learn. I'm definitely getting this.


B for Benndetta said:

This game is amazing! No doubt about it, the best download I made, and it was the cheapest! I've played this with everyone and they all get hooked on the simple and addictive gameplay. Best speed to play on is 4; fights happen all the time!


Ian C. said:

This was a microgame in warioware:Twisted!


Captain Jamesman said:

DOWN WITH HOCKEY! I say that because I suck at ice skating. My first experience, I rushed into the ice rink thinking it'd be no prob, then I fell. I hate ice skating. I could barely make out of it myself!


Ian C. said:

Ahh don't worry you'll get it CJ. I fell on my butt my first time^^.


-classified- said:

Wow. Looks like pong with a bunch of guys playing at once.


Captain Jamesman said:

Thanks for the support Ian C! I'll try again next time.


i love wiis said:

It looks like pong? Are you stupid? What it looks like is a great game with nice graphics. I would have to agree with wiiboy this is the best nes game but maybe not the best hockey game ever. If only they made more games like this, i.e: it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

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