Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards | N64

Published by Nintendo, Developed by HAL

Genres: Action / Adventure (1-4 players)

Wii: Feb 25th, 2008 (US) | Mar 7th, 2008 (EU) [1000 points]

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


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User comments


Crimson Fang said:

Huh? I didn't know WW found the week's VC titles 4 hours earlier than me! Thanks! (Too bad all my money's goin' on Brawl).


Wii Rox said:

FINALLY, haven't played this since that N64 in McDonalds. I wonder when it hits EU.


Rags said:

Yes. The best Kirby game EVAR!


B Darius said:

I'm getting Brawl next month for my birthday, so I'll most definitely download this.


Wii Freak said:

I need Wii Points.


Ian C said:

This is one of my favorite kirby games.

Avatar 1

Nova said:

I honestly can't imagine playing kirby in 3d (besides air ride).


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Wow it looks like NiGHTS for Saturn except with that Kirby goodness and better graphics, see N64 can do 2D planes.


HannahJuly said:

Does kirby sing like yoshi? I hope kirby & jigglypuff are together as a couple.

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Lay-Z Boy said:

I have this on N64, because I bought another game at a store and it didn't work. I'll pass.

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