Mole Mania | Game Boy

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Pax Softonica

Genres: Puzzle (1 players)

3DS: Jul 26th, 2012 (US) | Oct 4th, 2012 (EU)

Mole Mania

Help Muddy solve the puzzles of Jinbe Land!

Join Muddy Mole in a race to destroy enemies and obstacles in an attempt to defeat the evil farmer, Jinbe. Blast strategic exits using black balls and tunnel your way to the next action-packed level.

Help Muddy solve the incredible puzzles of Jinbe Land and reunite him with his beloved mole family. You'll dig the fast pace and challenging fun of Mole Mania!

  • Get into the mania above ground and tunnel underground through 175 challenging puzzles!
  • Play alone as Muddy Mole or link up with the Game Link cable for 2-player, head-to-head fun!
  • Battery-backed memory saves your progress

Can you solve the puzzles of Jinbe Land?

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