R-Type 3 | SNES

Published by Irem, Developed by Irem

Genres: Shooting (1-2 players)

Wii: Jan 15th, 2007 (US) | Feb 16th, 2007 (EU) [800 points]

R-Type 3


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User comments


Yoshi-1up said:

I have this game for my SNES! It's such an amazing game. The power-ups rock and I want to destroy everything with em. MWAHHAHAHHAAA !

a Must-Have!


Ian C. said:

Ohhhhh! I want to.


Wii Pwnes said:

Ugh, why do they have a whole series of games, while they don't even have the n64 game "Micro Machines", that was such a GREAT game. I mean c'mon, aren't there sensible people out there? :p.


-classified- said:

I'm sensible. Sort of.


Rygar said:

You'd think a "sensible" person would leave a relevant topic, instead of ranting about an obscure N64 game nobody played. And I'm sure a "sensible" person would realize that micro machines probably won't be released on VC due to licensing issues. And on top of that, I think all the "sensible" people agree that there are more important N64 games to release on the virtual console. R-Type III is a great shooter. Be warned though, it's very difficult, it's not simultaneous 2-player and if you die you have to restart from the last checkpoint.


mike cliffe said:

R type 3 is good, still have it on my snes. But I'd buy "super r type" and "un squadron" in a flash simply because you can save at any point in the game. I could never get rid of my original carts, too sentimental to me.


Nemo said:

This game is fun but could they have made it just a little more difficult? I think you have to have ESP to beat this game. I'll try playing it blindfolded next time. UN Squadron is one of my favorite shooters, I hope they add it to VC.

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