Sonic Spinball | Genesis

Published by Sega, Developed by Sega

Genres: Action / Simulation (1-4 players)

Wii: Mar 12th, 2007 (US) | Apr 5th, 2007 (EU) [800 points]

Sonic Spinball


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User comments


Wii Freak said:

This game looks fun.


lil big N said:

Sweet I loved this.


Captain Jamesman said:

Sonic Spinball? Are you serious? That game was pretty fun.


Sonic Fan said:

I could get past the first stage for like a while. But I could never go far on the second stage.


i need a wiieww said:

This game scared me when I was young, but a few years later I played it and had so much fun. So if you have the points- buy it. It's a lot more than just pinball.

Avatar 7

Shadow said:

I hate this game! Thae only time I play this is to unlock a hidden game in sonic mega collection plus.

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