Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight | NES

Published by Capcom, Developed by Capcom

Genres: Action / Platformer (1 players)

3DS: Sep 4th, 2014 (US) | Oct 2nd, 2014 (EU)

Wii U: - (US) | Dec 18th, 2014 (EU)

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight, released in Japan as 2010 Street Fighter is a side-scrolling action platform game released by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.

It was marketed as a science fiction-themed spin-off to the 1987 arcade game Street Fighter. The English localization of 2010 changed the name and back-story of the main character to imply that he was Ken from the original Street Fighter, whereas the protagonist in the Japanese version is a completely unrelated character named Kevin. 2010 is of a different genre from the traditional Street Fighter games, which are competitive fighting games.

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Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight was originally released on the NES in 1990. It was re-released on Virtual Console on the Wii not too long ago. It was also re-released just a few days ago on the 3DS Virtual Console. Contrary to its title, the game has very few things full review

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