Super Punch Out | SNES

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Sports / Fighting (1 players)

Wii: Mar 30th, 2009 (US) | Mar 20th, 2009 (EU) [800 points]

Wii U: Dec 26th, 2013 (US) | Jun 12th, 2014 (EU)

Super Punch Out

Featuring the tight gameplay and humor the series is known for, this sequel to the NES classic sees Little Mac return to the ring with the World Video Boxing Association belt once again at stake.

Slug your way through the grueling, sweat-pounding matches of the Minor, Major and World Circuits as you face off against some of Little Mac's greatest rivals, such as Bear Hugger, Bald Bull and Super Macho Man. With a cast of new challengers waiting, do you have what it takes to identify their unique patterns and exploit their weaknesses? Go to your corner and come out fighting, but remember what Doc Louis would say: "It's not about brawling-it's about finesse!"

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Nice game and I still own the original cart.

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