Proto Man DLC in Mega Man 9

Proto Man DLC in Mega Man 9

Capcom has already revealed the first downloadable content for Mega Man 9. For 200 of your Wii Points, you can choose to play as Proto Man.

First appearing in Mega Man 3, Proto Man has many similarities to the blue bomber, but also some different abilities.

    Proto Man
  • Ability to slide and perform charge shots.
  • Deflect smaller bullets with the shield.
  • Actual contact with bullets has more impact on Proto Man.

Proto Man is said to be downloadable on October 6th.

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Nintendoof said:

That's awesome.


Master Foot said:

200 points! Capcom really wants to milk the nostalgia factor. Next, Slide ability 200 pts, Charge Shot 200 pts, Rush Ability Pack 500 pts.


Erik said:

Here's a list of all the downloadable content coming out for Mega Man 9:

Proto Man Mode (200 Wii Points) - Play the game as Proto Man. You can use the shield while jumping. There is no story for Proto Man. Releases October 6th.

Endless Attack (300 Wii Points) - Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. Releases October 6th.

Hero Mode (100 Wii Points) - Play the game with a more difficult level of enemy distribution. Releases October 20th.

Superhero Mode (100 Wii Points) - Play the game with a super difficult level of enemy distribution. Releases October 20th.

Special Stage (100 Wii Points) - Gives you another Time Attack stage to try, including a new Boss at the end. Results will be displayed in the rankings. Releases October 20th.


Son Ninja said:

NES Proto Man sprite for download is quite interesting. It will be even more interesting if they made Bass as a download since Bass never debuted as an 8-Bit character.


Adamtheamazing64 said:

Actually, Bass did appear in 8 bit. A game for the Neogeo pocket color called rockman battle and fighters. It's the power battles and power fighters in 8 bit, though the movement is terrible, it's still pretty cool.

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