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Genres: Adventure / Puzzle (1 players)

US release date: Nov 13th, 2014 | EU release date: Nov 13th, 2014

Prices: $9.99 (US) | £6.99 (UK) | €7.77 (EUR)


Tread a paper path along the folds of a pop-up book and become wrapped up in a captivating world of secrets in Tengami, a unique point-and-click adventure for Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Tengami inks its way through a mysterious story, set in a world of Japanese fairy tales. Filled with texture and colour, there are shrines, forests and mountains to explore, each an intricate construction in its own right, and a digital reflection of the real-world origami technique it?s created with.

Opening under the boughs of a once-mighty cherry tree, you must seek an answer to the lone tree?s blight. Collect cherry blossoms as you go, and traverse environments, as puzzles unfurl and obstacles reveal themselves. Each can be solved or surmounted by using the Wii U GamePad and stylus to flip, fold, slide and pull parts of the world ? tap to move to a spot, and watch for glowing areas to indicate the way forward. To start, it could be something as simple as pulling down folds to create a path. But later on, you?ll have to look deeper and uncover clues buried within the layers, cuts and creases of the book ? within the very folds of the world ? as the puzzles become more lateral. The picture is completed by a soothing soundtrack from composer David Wise, enhancing the experience with a deft touch.

The antithesis of all-out action, Tengami weaves a serene thread of relaxation and harmony. It?s a perfect partner for night-time puzzle-solving, as relaxing as green tea. You won?t need any other reason to lose yourself in an atmosphere of tranquil mystery and such striking visual style ? and thanks to a familiar world of pop-up books, you?ve known how to play it since your childhood.

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